50 Journal prompts for self love

With everything going on right now, it is very easy to get stressed, anxious and what not. I have had my toll of stress and anxiety. But when stress hits, I believe that self love is one of the best ways to relax, appreciate and enjoy what we have and focus on the positive. So I combined this list of journal prompts that will help you love yourself more and feel good.

  1. Write a list of things you are thankful/grateful for
  2. What are the most amazing qualities of you?
  3. What mistakes can you forgive yourself for?
  4. In what ways do you make the world a better place?
  5. What parts of your life make you happy?
  6. Write a list of little things that makes you smile
  7. What do you want to add in your daily routine to improve your confidence?
  8. A list of your achievements
  9. What are some new things you want to try? Why haven’t you done it yet?
  10. What is your the proudest moment?
  11. What do you want to be complimented for? Give it to yourself
  12. What is a goal you want to achieve within next month? What’s your plan for it?
  13. Describe yourself with one positive word. Why did you choose that?
  14. How did you overcome one of your greatest challenges in the past?
  15. What things that you do now will make your future self happy?
  16. What do you need to stop doing to get more self love?
  17. A list of things that bring your inner child out
  18. What do you usually tell during a negative self talk? Turn that into positive ones
  19. Write 5 positive affirmations that you think you need
  20. How would your life change if you were more confident?
  21. What habits do you need to stop?
  22. What is the one change that will make your life happier?
  23. Why do you deserved to be loved?
  24. What are your top 5 strengths?
  25. What is your ideal β€œdream life?”
  26. In what ways can you introduce more self care in your life?
  27. What makes you feel loved?
  28. What are the top 5 things you love about yourself?
  29. What is your biggest dream in life?
  30. What are your favourite self care activities?
  31. What things you do today will make your younger self proud?
  32. If you have to create a playlist that would bring the best of you, what songs would you include?
  33. Whom do you love spending time with? Why?
  34. When are you your most authentic self? How to be more authentic?
  35. Do you ask help when needed without hesitation? If not, what is stopping you and how to overcome it
  36. What are the ways to handle insecurities and mistakes with more love?
  37. List 5 good habits you want to start this month
  38. What are you proud of yourself?
  39. What are the one negative self thoughts you need to let go?
  40. How many people have you helped (in any way) until today?
  41. What goals do you need to achieve before this year ends?
  42. What is your favourite way to treat yourself?
  43. What colour do you think is more like you? Why?
  44. How much time do you spend for yourself?
  45. What is your message to the world?
  46. What is your biggest weakness? How can you improve this?
  47. If the people close to you were asked to write down about you, what would they write?
  48. Do you say β€œyes” to yourself more? If not how to make sure you do?
  49. How do you embrace yourself as you are? Do you need to improve it? How?
  50. Write a letter thanking yourself

I hope these prompts will help you combat stress with love. Even if you do one prompt a day you’ll almost two months of self love.

Loads of love,


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0 thoughts on “50 Journal prompts for self love

  1. Clarissa

    This is such a fun and helpful post! Very relevant right now. I’m a big fan of journal prompts. I can never think of anything to write otherwise!

    Clarissa ~ adventurefitforlife.com

  2. Emma

    I love these prompts and would like to try some of them for myself. I think they’ll get me thinking about areas of my life I often forget about!

  3. Abundance of Flavor

    I love all these! My favorite is probably “What things that you do now will make your future self happy?” I’m very future focused and am always doing things now to help future me, so this really resonated with me πŸ™‚

  4. Chloe

    Great ideas! I’ve been wanting to start a journal for some time but I’m not always sure what to write in it. There are some ideas here I will definitely use πŸ™‚

    1. Vibe Inspire Post author

      You should definitely start a journal if you haven’t yet. Also consider adding a daily gratitude page to your journal. Doing that made my life a lot better ❀️

  5. Chrisyt

    I love journal prompts for those moments when my coffee hasn’t quite kicked in or I am feeling stressed and need to write. Thanks for sharing, I will being using these!

    1. Vibe Inspire Post author

      You have basically stated the best time to do self love journaling. True, these work best when we feel low. Glad it is useful. Thank you ❀️

  6. Gwen

    Thank you for sharing this <3
    I've loved reading these questions and can't wait to answer these for myself πŸ™‚

  7. Kayleigh Zara

    These are some really interesting ideas for journal prompts! I really like the few ideas personally x

  8. dodocm

    Self-care and self-love is definitely really important. All of these are helpful ways to help us with that.

  9. Chloe

    Love these! I want to try and start a journal soon and combine it to have a reading journal as well. I’ve not been sure what I could include within my journal but these are some lovely ones for self love. We all need to look after ourselves and I love that these prompts can make us think of ways to look after ourselves more πŸ™‚

    1. Vibe Inspire Post author

      True! Prompts will help us know about ourselves more. By the way, you could add a gratitude page to your journal too. Writing down things I am grateful for on a daily basis has made my life wonderful ❀️

  10. SM's Mind Voice

    Wow. such an exhaustive list. My Life coach had been insisting on writing journals everyday. There have been days I ran out of topic and was wondering what to write. I think I dont have to worry for atleast 50 days now. Hope you come up 50 more by then. LOL

    1. Vibe Inspire Post author

      Wow! I didn’t know this list could be this useful. Glad this is useful ❀️

      P.S. I may come up with another list of prompts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ or will I?


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