About me

Hi! I’m Vy.

I’m a 23 year old student who is super passionate about content marketing, content creation and anything to do with building an online presence.

I’m a curious and creative person whose head is buzzing with ideas at any given point in time. You can actually challenge me to come up with ideas and I will.

After doubting myself for years and lurking in the shadows, I realised my knowledge has great value and I should share it with others who might need it. So here I am

OK, rapid fire.

  • Hobby: Reading books, making digital art
  • Favourite book: Harry Potter
  • Hogwarts house: Slytherin
  • Enneagram: 8w7
  • Favourite TV show: New Girl
  • Favourite animated show: Avatar: The last Airbender
  • Favourite game: Shadow fight
  • Favourite social media: Reddit
  • I’m currently obsessed with: Podcasts
  • Other interests: Cooking, interesting science stuff, mythology.

Yeah… It’s kind of all over the place. But like I said, I’m too curious for my own good.

How did this all start?

  • Mar 2016: I read a newspaper article about a successful blogger. The same evening I started a blog when I came back from school. I had zero knowledge but a burning curiosity
  • Apr 2016: I kept writing (read as blabbering) on the so called blog
  • May 2016: Learned that a blog needs an audience. Also learned that there was not a single soul except me reading whatever I was babbling on about. Did you hear that? Yeah… It was a nasty heartbreak.
  • Jun 2016: Gave up blogging. I didn’t delete the site (because I didn’t know how to) But it’s out there somewhere and I am so not telling you it’s name
  • Jun 2019: 3 years later. I immersed myself in this ocean of digital marketing. Learned a lot of techniques, tricks and tips, and started a way better blog.
  • Oct 2020: Got nominated to a couple awards hosted by other bloggers which had me keep going
  • Sep 2022: I decided to take myself seriously and started being consistent
  • Feb 2023: After a lot of failures, lot of lessons, lot of doubts, I finally bought myself a website

I know for someone who has been in the game for 6 years my growth isn’t great. But hey, something is better than nothing, right?

Now let’s get to know each other

Hoping to hear from you soon

Loads of love,