How to stop taking things personally?

Taking things personally could end in a tragic state. Every small detail hurts. I used to take things personally for a long time and have lost a lot of people in the process. It’s not only about the people, in due course, you also lose your peace.

Everything others say, everything others do looks like it is done to us. Everything looks negative.

It took me a long time to stop taking things personally. I don’t want you to take that much time. That is the sole reason of this post. Practice things mentioned below consciously and you’ll be all set to be free, happy and independent!

It’s not about them it’s about you

The one reason why we take things personally is because, we think whatever the other person reacts or says is about us. No, it is not about what you do or how you are, it is more or less the reflection of their own issues.

Think first

If someone says something about you, first don’t react. First think. Think whether what they said has any truth. It is good to accept criticism sometimes. If there is any truth learn from it.


Realise that you can’t please everyone. There do exist people who keep on passing negative comments no matter how hard you work. We cannot do anything about it. Realise that somethings are out of our control, and for such things we can do nothing but “let it go”

Don’t relate

If someone appreciates your friend for being a optimistic person don’t interpret that they meant you are pessimistic. Just understand what is said, don’t relate it to yourself in a different manner. Understand that someone else’s appreciation has nothing to do with you.

Stop overthinking

Oh my god! He saw my message but still he didn’t reply. Did I do something wrong? Did I offend him? Or did he just insult me?

Stop! Just stop doing this!

He may have picked up his phone to reply, the phone may have slipped from his hand or someone could have called him or even it is possible that his phone ran out of battery. Stop overthinking every situation. Not in every place necessarily you have to be wrong or the other person has to be wrong. The reason can be completely something else. If a person didn’t talk to you, maybe he is shy.

It depends on you

Realise that your self esteem depends on you and your actions, not on what other says. Taking things personally can affect your self-esteem and pave way for self doubt. We don’t want that, do we? So shake off that negativities poured over you and walk off like a boss.

Are you one who takes things personally? What else do you do to avoid this? Comment below ♡

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