Daily habits that boost your mood

Being happy, enthusiastic and productive 24/7. It’s a dream for everyone. Isn’t it? Waking up to a non enthusiastic morning does affect the whole day. What if we can make our whole day happy?

Yeah! It’s possible!!! With a few basic habits we can boost our mood for the whole day.

Never skip breakfast

This is almost like getting our car serviced before a long trip. Just like how we don’t want our car to breakdown in the middle of nowhere, you should too, not breakdown in the middle of the day. And the fuel for your is BREAKFAST. After a solid 7 to 8 hours spent without eating, breakfast will give you the energy to run the whole day. Woke up late? Don’t have time to eat? Grab some bread and biscuits and eat on the way. Don’t even have time to grab them? Keep them ready the night earlier. No matter what, eat the breakfast.

Open the curtains

Immediately after you wake up, move the curtains aside and let the sunlight pour in. Because sunlight is said to prompt special areas in retina, which in turn triggers the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a harmone that is believed to keep you calm and focused. Now that’s one good way to start a day. Isn’t it?


After a tight sleep, stretching those muscles feels good, keeps you fit and also boosts your mood. Because exercise removes the depression or pressure in you. Again speaking scientifically, dopamine, which is related to our happiness can be increased by exercising. Moreover after a workout you feel more confident. So wake up replace your pajamas with workout clothes and get moving!

Clean your place

Did you feel that? That calmness when you saw the neatly arranged desk. Not only cleaning the desk, but in general, decluttering gives you a feel of relief and moves you to a state of calm. Moreover, you can go straight and lie down without any hurdles once you come back home at the end of the day.


It can be either jotting down all your thoughts and things in your mind or it can be like a prompt. But journalling and in general writing also improves your overall mood. You can also get creative and do more than writing, like drawing, decorating, color coding etc.


Drink water, or any other fluid for that matter. All fluid such as coffee, tea, milk counts. Also fruits and vegetables that have water content count. Remaining hydrated brings down tension, depression etc. What else do we want on a perfect morning more than not being tensed?

Step out

Go outside for a stroll, jogging or running. You can also walk to a nearby park and sit there watching the nature. Because nature has an magical spell that calms almost anyone instantly. Bask in nature every morning and you’ll find yourself calm throughout the day!

That’s it! What else do you do to be happy throughout the day? Let me and other readers know ♡

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