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Top 3 Instagram marketing tips to remember

No one can deny the fact that Instagram is one of the most useful platforms out there to increase your brand awareness or get more audience or increase the engagement rate or get views for your website.

But the problem is a lot of new people and sometimes even a lot of experienced people have problems when coming to Instagram marketing. That’s because a lot of people give a lot of advice about how to grow on Instagram that it gets complicated at one point 

When you start to understand something, there might be another update and another tip or another creator saying something completely different. And it doesn’t help that people are divided over whether trending sounds are important  page is important or not, reels are important or not, etc 

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So, here are the top tips that you should always remember no matter what you do on your Instagram page 

Do not give priority to hashtags 

At least not in the current algorithm. The current algorithm does not prioritize hashtags. Hashtags are just a way to find out what your content is about. It’s more like a tag and does exactly what its name suggests.

But yeah, hashtags are not keywords anymore. Your primary focus should be on your Instagram caption. Write a long caption with optimization and focus on inserting your keywords. Instagram officially recommends 5  to 8 hashtags in every post. 

So write a long caption with keywords loaded in and then use related hashtags within the limit of 5  to 8. You do not need to use 30  hashtags and fill up the space anymore, not in this algorithm.

You may be wondering, but that is how it always has been for me and it works for me. I used to use all hashtags and I got some reach too. 

But two weeks ago I decided to let go of hashtags and just use the caption without any hashtags whatsoever and what happened is I started to get great reach. People started to follow me more and somehow my content was reaching more relevant people 

And then I started to experiment with just the 5 to 8 hashtags recommended by Instagram itself. And it has been incredible. My results have been incredible. So trust me and get started on that. You will not regret. 

Reuse your old content

Now there are two ways to reuse your own content: 

The first is taking an Instagram post from three months or four months back that did really well and posting it back.

No seriously, even if a person is obsessed with your page they are not going to remember a post you posted four months ago or five months ago (unless it is a super viral post) 

So go back four months ago or however long you can go and pick a post that did really well and repost the same thing. You do not have to change the image design.

You do not have to change the caption. Only change the relevant details. But other than that, you can just copy-paste the same thing again and since it already did well, you know it is going to do well the second time too and that is a win without effort 

That is one way of reusing your content

And the second way of reusing your content is actually repurposing your content 

You are going to look at other platforms that you use it can be Facebook, it can be Pinterest, it can be a blog post, anything, any other platform you use and take the content that is doing well on that platform, convert it into an Instagram post, write a caption and post it on Instagram 

Numbers should not be your goal

Do not make your goal the number of likes, the number of engagements, the number of shares or the number of saves your post gets. If you are going to set a target and you do not achieve it, you are going to feel low. So never ever set those as your end goal. Your end goal should be something that adds value to either your business or your consumer. 


At the end of the day, Instagram is just another tool that you are using to increase your brand awareness and build a community of loyal following around your business. Remember the following tips when you plan Instagram posts as a part of your content marketing.

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