The Liebster award

I am nominated by Sara’s glossary for the Liebster award. So many thanks for this Sara. It feels really cool to be nominated for the Liebster award. I am super excited because this is the first time I am nominated for any such blogging award. So Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!

Check out Sara’s blog, she has some wonderful posts on MBTI personality types


1- Describe your blog in one word

Betterment. I started this blog to help people so that they can become atleast a little bit better than yesterday, so betterment would be the word

2- What is your favorite food?

Samosa. If it wasn’t for the super high calories I would just sit an eat samosas all day lol.

3- What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Expressing my thoughts and ideas in my own way. I can write at my own pace, I don’t need to follow some strict rules and stuff. This is my space and I can post my thoughts as they are. It feels relaxing to me.

4- What’s the funniest name you can think of for a pet?

Oh my god! I couldn’t think of a single unique one. But all that comes back to my mind is this person I know named her cat Hermeowne.

5- What advice would you give to someone who is about to start blogging?

Never ever imitate others. You are unique and amazing in your own style.

6- Outside of blogging what are other activities you enjoy?

Reading fiction books, cooking and doodling. Does scrolling Pinterest endlessly count as an activity?

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7-What’s the worst food you’ve ever tried?

Well, I once ate this “fried rice” which was literally boiled rice and some chopped raw veggies on top of it. For someone whose taste buds are accustomed to super spicy foods that was really bland.

8- . If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

It would be fun to pull a prank or something but if I had to day something serious or good “We all should be grateful that this minute we are still breathing and alove. Now go chase your dreams”

9-What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

A chimpanzee became the 22nd most successful money manager in the USA. She chose her stocks by throwing darts at a list of companies.

10- What’s your favorite TV show?

Game of thrones

11- What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

That would be really great. I would roam the city without having to worry about bumping into someone I know #introvert LOL.

Wow! I really enjoyed answering those questions. Stuff like these are really motivating. This shows that I am heading ahead in my dream life and things I do aren’t going down the drain. This one nomination would keep me going for months. Yeah! I have that kind of childlike enthusiasm.

Enough about me. Here goes my nominees


Bel Kind Connections Bel is an amazing soul and one can learn really useful stuff that would make life better by reading her blog.

Technovans Vanesh writes informative posts that will be helpful to bloggers. This is the blog I turn to when I have some doubts about blogging stuff. If you are a blogger do check this blog out

Hidden crown blog A wonderful site that features heart touching writings and poem. I love reading those poems written by Alka.

The violet journal One of my favourite blogs about mental health, wellbeing and personal development. The way Rhi presents her content and the overall design of the blog brings a feeling of calmness to me.

Questions to my nominees

  1. If you knew that you’ll surely succeed what will you do?
  2. Which social media do you love the most? Why?
  3. If you have to give one life changing advice/tip what would it be?
  4. Have you ever felt like rewriting a book/movie from a different point of view? If yes what is that book/movie?
  5. What looks very easy but is very difficult to do?

That’s it. Wow I am still unable to believe I am nominated for an award. For more details and rules of the Liebster award go check here

That’s it for today!!!

Loads of love,

Vybav ❤️

A total of 30+ printables that make it possible for you to make life look like a cakewalk. isn’t that the dream? <3

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  1. Girl to Women

    Congrats Vybav😊🍁 while reading this Q&A I felt as if some celebrity is being interviewed..😃 thank you for this nomination.. All the best to you and Sara😊 keep up the good work👍❤❤


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