5 Habits for a successful year

We are almost nearing the end of 2019. Well, it has been an amazing years with its usual ups and downs. When we step into 2020 I really wish you have a successful year ahead. So here are 5 habits that will help you become successful in 2023

Be a good listener

It is one of the habits that is fastly declining these days. When you have conversations, personal or official, give your full attention to the person speaking. This will not only increase your relationship with the person, but also there are huge chances you might gain new information or maybe inspiration.

So when the person speaks listen without using the phone or absent mindedly fidgeting with things. Listen and understand what he/she speaks and interrupt only and only when you genuinely have a doubt or suggestion. Listening skills will be your friend on the pathway to success

(The only time Dolores Umbridge has been right, I guess 😉)

Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude is not simple about having a gratitude journal or a gratitude journal app. You should mean it and be grateful for happenings in your life. I highly recommend having a gratitude session of at least two minutes daily. It’s up to you whether you are going write down what you are grateful for or just say it loud.

But mean what you say and you’ll surely feel your life become better.

Have like minded friends

That doesn’t mean you have to ignore all other friends or ditch your current friends. Along with your other friends also have a gang who thinks like you and motivates you to be successful and progress in life. Remember, friends can be even 40 years older than you.

All that they have to do is give and receive support, confidence etc. When you have a strong support system that you can rely on your tough times becomes a little bit more easier. You’ll have a shoulder to cry and more motivation to try.

Sharpen your talents regularly

No matter what you do, just keep on practicing it and try to be better than before. Even if it is 0.0001% of progress, it is progress. When you constantly look for ways to become better in your work you’ll become a expert one day. And that’s what we call success.

Don’t be afraid of failure

Yeah, it’s the same old saying

Failure is the stepping stone of success.

However old it might it is always true. You just can’t go ahead if you don’t fail. No, I am not asking you to laugh when you fail. It is human nature to feel down at failure. Only that you are not allowed to feel down for more than a day.

Yeah, you failed. Alright. But that NEVER EVER means you can’t give another go or try something else. Don’t let the fear that you will fail stop you. Just like how we discussed in the above point.

Fail and then fail better. One day it will become success.

So this is your little dose of motivation for this week. Which habit do you think has played a key role in your success? Share in the comments below ♡

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