4 signs you need a major life change

Having my life together? Oh! That’s a piece of cake, said every teenager ever.

We always had the drive in our teens, we made big plans, we even started a few. But as life comes in, and you get into this process called adulting, it is very much possible you get lost.

So how do you know whether you are lost or not?

There are a few signs that actually shout out that you are lost.

All we have to do is to identify that signs, and find a solution to cure them. That is how you go back home, to the real you.

You are surviving not living

Your life is just a boring circle like wake up and get ready, go for job, work work work, come back home and sleep.

You don’t have a purpose there. You are just merely moving and doing things. Unless you’re a robot, that isn’t good at all. Ask yourself these questions

  • What is it that makes you forget to eat and sleep?
  • What did your 10 year old self love?
  • Is there something that makes 2 hours look like just a few couple of minutes?
  • If money isn’t an issue what would you do in your life?

Where do these point towards? That is your purpose, you should be working towards it. No, I don’t mean leaving your job and go sit at home dreaming. Work towards what you’ve always wanted to be. Set aside at least 15 minutes to work on what you love.

Not being in the present

Either you are building castles and towers about the future or you are looking back to those amazing days where all you needed to do was build a sand castle.

If you catch yourself often thinking “Present isn’t as glorious as past, at least the future should be” your life needs a change.

What is one particular thing that you very often think about the past or about doing in the future? Start doing that today. That could be your purpose.

If you really did dream of building a castle, I won’t say build a castle within a week and settle down. But you can start by laying the foundation. Go baby steps in this thing.

You’re not satisfied

After baking all those tasty potatoes, I settled down to eat them. They were indeed tasty, but once I finished eating I found myself thinking “That’s it?”
Now that’s a sign maybe I should upgrade to making something more delicious with the potatoes.

That’s what not being satisfied feels like. You do something, you do it very often, but you are not happy with it. It doesn’t give you the joy of accomplishment. You have a feeling like, you have just finished brushing your teeth.

It’s time you changed, my friend. Or to be more exact, it’s time you get upgraded. Yay! You’ve had enough of this kid’s play, now upgrade yourself to the real thing and smash it out.

Jealous of others

You need not confess it to anyone! You know what you feel like every moment. You just can’t lie to yourself.

If you look at your friends or people you know and think “Only if… only if life was like that for me. How lucky that person is..” that is almost an alarming signal.

Just think why you feel like that. What is it that you don’t have and they have?

Not the obvious answer: They are happy and I am not, think deeply. Why aren’t you happy? What do you want? Whatever the solution is finally work towards that.


These are four of the most common signs life shows when you need to change. But don’t worry, finding out and working for your passion will help you overcome it.

If you are experiencing any of these signs please don’t ignore it. Ignoring it would only make it grow and when you think everything is sorted it would come and hit like a disaster. Watch out for those signs!

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