100+ self care ideas for your me time

A small note

This is a huge list of self care activities designed with all types of people in mind. Some of them may help you, some of them may not. Self care activities should make you feel relieved, relaxed, calm, productive, motivating etc. But on the contrary if an activity is going to make you tensed or injure you, don’t do that.

For instance, If I had a injury in my knee, running may be tough for me. In that case, running can be a self care activity for my friend, but not for me. Keep that in mind and don’t do anything that isn’t calming or motivating you.

Enjoy yourself! Cheers!

  1. Volunteer for a cause that you care about
  2. Take a long hot shower
  3. Go to a cafe and order your favourite drink
  4. Sketch, doodle or scribble something
  5. Write a fantasy story
  6. Watch videos of cute animals
  7. Do manicure for yourself
  8. Go to a place where you can meet like minded people
  9. Go for a hike
  10. Sleep for full 8 hours tonight
  11. Recreate your favourite day with your friend or partner
  12. Yoga
  13. Hug someone you love
  14. Imagine yourself standing in a calm and beautiful place
  15. Take a day off and just do whatever you want
  16. Go out and take photographs of what you like
  17. Clean your home completely and throw away anything unnecessary
  18. Make an appointment to therapist and take down the burden of your thoughts
  19. Listen to music that you enjoyed a few years ago
  20. Think of the hurdles in your life and try to bring out a positive side of it
  21. Make a playlist of motivating songs
  22. Say out loud β€œIts okay.”
  23. Sit in a silent place and watch your breath
  24. Solve a puzzle
  25. Write down things that you are grateful for.
  26. Write down or type down whatever is burdening your heart and cry if you want. (Related post: How to let go of the past? )
  27. Say “No” to things that can’t fit in your schedule
  28. Spend time with your mentor
  29. Try writing down 100 things you like about your life
  30. Turn off all notifications for one whole day
  31. Eat your favourite food in your favourite restaurant
  32. Get a massage
  33. Host or attend a dance party
  34. Visualise your biggest dream and write it down in your journal
  35. Eat greens for lunch
  36. Do something that will make you laugh out loud
  37. Don’t do anything else while eating food. Concentrate on what and how you eat
  38. Go out in the sun for a walk
  39. Listen to your favourite podcast
  40. Exercise
  41. Make it a routine to unplug 2 hours before bed
  42. Have a regular sleep schedule
  43. Spend time with nature
  44. Read a personal development book
  45. Don’t touch your phone for an hour after waking up
  46. Learn EFT tapping
  47. Try to reduce your screen time
  48. Clean your desktop
  49. Sit silent and notice your thoughts
  50. Make others smile
  51. Go on a date with yourself
  52. What is the one thought that always make you feel low? Try to change the cause of that thought.
  53. Listen to uplifting music
  54. Go to a place you’ve never been
  55. Make a cozy spot for yourself.
  56. Try colouring pages
  57. Write a card to someone you love
  58. Make yourself a nice hot drink
  59. Do the household chore that has been pending for a long time
  60. Talk to your friend or loved one about your hard time
  61. Sit on a couch and close your eyes. Notice what all comes in front of your eyes
  62. The rule of three. Be aware of three things you should finish today no matter what
  63. Post nice comments on social media
  64. Meet your close friend and have an hour of quality time with no disturbance
  65. Write down one goal for the week and stick it in a place you see very often (Related post: Why you should write down your goals?)
  66. Review your schedule and cut out one thing that wouldn’t miss at all
  67. Go out on a brunch with someone you love
  68. Go to farmer’s market and buy organic food
  69. Do some craft with waste
  70. Go for a movie
  71. Plan for a family dinner and host it
  72. Spray your favourite perfume before you shower
  73. Review your wardrobe. Throw out unwanted clothes and buy some new clothes if necessary (Yay! Shopping!!)
  74. Have a bubble bath
  75. Buy yourself flowers
  76. Binge on your favourite comfort food
  77. Deep condition your hair with a hair mask
  78. Watch your favourite episodes on Netflix
  79. Catch up with someone you haven’t talked with for a long time
  80. Do a DIY facial at home
  81. Make your room dark, light a candle and sit in there silently
  82. Go to a museum in your city.
  83. Make a healthy smoothie
  84. Wash your bed sheets, cases, comforters and pillows
  85. Play with a pet or visit a pet shelter
  86. Spend an hour in a library
  87. Read a spiritual book
  88. Look at old photos
  89. Take screenshots of happy conversations and look at them later
  90. Try new makeup looks or try a new hairstyle
  91. If you feel low, think what will you say to your friend if he/she feels like this and say that to yourself
  92. Make alarms/reminders for things you often forget
  93. Read a novel and imagine what would have happened if you were there
  94. Write down things that people said to make you happy
  95. Dry brush your skin before shower
  96. Learn a new dance routine
  97. Unfollow pages and people that aren’t useful anymore
  98. Read positive stories
  99. Read poems
  100. Spend a whole day on pajamas
  101. Bake a cake
  102. Watch the sunrise
  103. Watch the sunset
  104. Write down all your accomplishments till date
  105. Drink more water
  106. What do you think about yourself? Why?
  107. Try a new dinner recipe
  108. Change your wallpaper to a pic that will make you smile
  109. Review your bucket list. If you don’t have one create one asap
  110. Go on a dinner date with yourself
  111. Buy something new for your home
  112. Go out of your office to eat lunch.
  113. Do something you have never done before
  114. Have some healthy snacks
  115. Take a quick 10 minute nap
  116. Wear your favourite outfit to office
  117. Listen to calm music
  118. Take deep breaths
  119. Take a different route back to home.
  120. Cloud watch
  121. Go to work early
  122. Leave from the office earlier than usual
  123. Go for a run
  124. Wake up early (Related post: How to wake up early?)
  125. Make a diet change at least for a week
  126. Simply do nothing for 10 minutes

An idea

You can also combine two or more activities and enjoy.

For instance,

You can leave office early and cloud watch the same evening


You can apply a mask on your hair, do a facial, prepare a healthy smoothie and rewatch your favourite episode on Netflix altogether.

However you do it, the point is to make yourself happy. Let me know if this list helped you β™‘

A total of 30+ printables that make it possible for you to make life look like a cakewalk. isn’t that the dream? <3

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