100+ Productive things to do when you are bored

The other day I was lying on the couch watching Netflix… with guilt. I wanted to be productive but I was bored to work. I didn’t know what to do

Been there? Don’t worry, no more problem now. I have done the work for you. Here is the ultimate list of 115 productive things you can do when you are bored.

  1. Clean your home
  2. Go for a picnic if the weather is good
  3. Try doing calculation without a calculator
  4. Find new wallpapers for your devices
  5. Browse Quora and lose track of time. (This is one of my favourite sites too.)
  6. Host a party
  7. Make a “Hobbies to try” list
  8. Delete unwanted contacts from your phone.
  9. Shop a motivational book
  10. Check if anything needs to be fixed in your home
  11. Spend time in your nearest library
  12. Sort your photos.
  13. Find side hustle ideas
  14. Organise your cosmetics and beauty products
  15. Find great coupons to save
  16. Organize your desk
  17. Print and frame your favourite pictures to decorate your wall
  18. Review your morning and evening routines
  19. Wash your curtains and drapes
  20. Learn money managing
  21. Sign up for cashback and reward programs
  22. Think about ways to make the most of your commute time
  23. Learn new make-up and beauty techniques
  24. Plant fragrant herbs in your garden
  25. Invite someone to hangout with
  26. Listen to a new podcast
  27. Get a spa treatment or do it yourself
  28. Make a new song playlist
  29. Review your budget
  30. Create a budget if you don’t have already one
  31. Plan your dream vacation
  32. Start learning a new language
  33. Review your YouTube subscription and social media accounts you follow
  34. Re-read your favourite book
  35. DIY something for yourself
  36. Create a family album
  37. Get small gifts for your family and visit them
  38. Watch TED talks
  39. Workout
  40. Create a kitchen garden, if you don’t have one already
  41. Declutter your basement
  42. Print and have fun with adult colouring pages
  43. Clean your car
  44. Practice speaking in front of mirror
  45. Visit the farmer’s market and buy fresh, organic food
  46. Rearrange your furniture
  47. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails
  48. Organise your paper and bills
  49. Cook your favourite food
  50. Sign up for online courses
  51. Scroll Pinterest and get inspired
  52. Try to find out why you are unproductive
  53. Improve your talents
  54. Create an emergency bag
  55. Update software and apps in your devices
  56. Review your retirement options
  57. Do Sudoku
  58. Do something nice for your loved ones
  59. Make a list of tasks you have been avoiding and do them now!
  60. Take a long, slow shower
  61. Make a plan to eliminate unproductive things and/or habits
  62. Study interesting data
  63. Sell things you don’t need online
  64. Make a schedule for tomorrow
  65. Meal prep for tomorrow
  66. Clean your inbox
  67. Clean your fridge
  68. Donate blood
  69. Make a list of things to buy and go shopping
  70. Create a plan for your goals
  71. Listen an audiobook
  72. Review your wardrobe
  73. Review your calendar
  74. Read the news
  75. Watch informative videos
  76. Update your resume
  77. Go for a stroll and take pictures of beautiful things
  78. Update your social media profiles
  79. Plan a meet-up
  80. Learn new yoga poses
  81. Learn something new on YouTube
  82. Make a plan for emergency situations
  83. Join a club or online community
  84. Make a list of professional goals
  85. Clean your window
  86. Write a letter to your future self
  87. Go on a road trip
  88. Organise files in your devices
  89. Clean your junk drawer
  90. Do a brain dump
  91. Check expiry date of things
  92. Do a bunch of quick tasks
  93. Create a self care routine, update if you have one already
  94. Video chat with friends or family
  95. Watch stand up comedy
  96. Create or update your bucket list
  97. Create a portfolio of your pictures
  98. Volunteer
  99. Set up a life binder
  100. Create backups for everything
  101. Donate things
  102. Find and learn new interesting words
  103. Browse Wikipedia
  104. Create a weekly meal plan
  105. Print and do some self improvement worksheet
  106. Make a wishlist
  107. Write down how you want to be and plan how to achieve that
  108. Give yourself a massage
  109. Read inspiring quotes
  110. Create a vision board
  111. Research your dream career
  112. Create a journal
  113. List out things you need to stop doing
  114. Go for a swim
  115. Create templates for personal and professional emails and save email sending time

Ha! Now no more guilty breaks. Make the best use of your time even when you are bored. Go champ!

A total of 30+ printables that make it possible for you to make life look like a cakewalk. isn’t that the dream? <3

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