How to make your everyday more productive?

Have you been feeling like you waste a lot of time which could instead be used to do more productive things?

Your thoughts could be anything ranging from “My goodness! I’ve been just sitting on the couch and doing nothing for a long time now.” to “Hmmm… I do have a decent schedule but I could just get a a few other things done and improve myself”

Either way you are in the right place.
First of all the truth, this process is not going to make you productive immediately or the next day itself. Like every good thing this is going to take time.

So, here’s what you are going to do.
Starting from today, no matter when you read this, I want you to maintain a time log for a week or at least 3 to 4 days. Every thirty minutes once write down what you were doing for the past 30 minutes. It can be anything. Even if you just aimlessly scrolled social media for two hours, write it down in four slots continuously.

This is almost a two in one method. The actual purpose of this is at the end of one week, you will review your daily routine. But this also has a bonus, since you want to be more productive (which is why you came to this post in the first place) it is highly impossible for you to consciously waste time. So once you fill a slot with aimless social media scrolling, your heart is going to say “You aren’t being productive darling, let’s go do something productive”

When you let go of the habits that are unproductive, you can have improved energy and concentration levels

Now back to the time log. At the end of one week, go through your time log completely and list out the unproductive things that you do on a daily basis but want to remove from your daily life. Also make another list of productive things you want to incorporate in your life.

From the unproductive list pick one thing that you won’t miss the least. Something that you aren’t obsessed with and would not feel bad to see it go away from your life.

Now in the place of this unproductive habit, put a productive habit that you are super excited to start.

Replace bad habits with good ones, gradually.

Have no idea what habits to start? Select a few from this list

Again this is a win-win situation, fun loving part of you will be happy because you are going to do a interesting thing instead of just something. And the logical part of you will be happy because you replaced an unproductive habit with a productive one.
Keep repeating this process as long as you want.

But, what if my productive list is too long and I don’t have anything unproductive to replace it with?

That means my friend, you have reached your maximum productive level and by trying to squeeze anything extra you are going to overwhelm yourself.
Remember, being productive is important. But having regular breaks, having fun, self care, sleep, food and other basic things are equally important. Never ever compromise any of the above in the context of being productive. It will backfire badly.
Love yourself for what you are and improve yourself at the same time.

Loads of love,

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