Creators, I have an announcement

I’ve always wanted to help creators and creatives. You know, content creators,  marketers, social media designers and other people who are trying to make their way through the huge ocean called digital marketing. I know what you are thinking. So I stopped doubting myself and decided to tell that part of my story that I haven’t told anyone (not even my best friend) 

But who am I to help? Am I experienced enough? 

Warning: This is more of a personal story/ confession/ rant

Yes, I am! 

The old me would’ve told, “I don’t know.” But I actually know that I have enough experience. I’ve been doing this for 6 years now. Yes! It’s been 6 years since I was introduced to content creation and marketing.

I’ve been doing it on and off since then. From 2016. I have been reading, listening, and consuming all the practices and advice for all these years

I am going to focus on helping content creators from now onwards because that has been my passion all along

Alright, where’s the proof? 

That’s where it gets tricky. You see. I was downright dumb. I did not realize the value of an online brand or my talents when I was 16 … or 17 … or 18. Let’s just say up until the last few months. I created a business and promoted it on social media and every one of them gained an audience. But then I got bored, yes bored (facepalm), and deleted the whole thing out of existence. 

So what now? 

I decided to do what I actually love the most. Honestly, I love motivating people. I’ll be doing that too. But what I love more than that is content creation. I have seen people for whom it is hard, for whom it’s another hurdle in their business. But for me, this is the one thing that makes me feel at home. So I’m doing this shit because I love this shit with all my heart. This is what I’m good at. I figured that once I started sharing my credible knowledge people would start trusting me despite my lack of proof.

So I decided to write posts that will help content creators, content designers, and content writers whatever designation you know it by. Basically, all people who create everything the world consumes across the internet. 

Here’s to me hoping to get love and support in this new chapter of my life. 

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