The ultimate list to organise your home

Basically there are two phases of me:

  • Ah! It’s just a few papers and a few clothes. I’ll clean later
  • No, no it should be perfectly organised!! Dresses on the left, shirts on the right.

Turns out I am in the second phase of me now. Keeping on doing list posts is an side effect of that probably. But let it be anything, posts, shelves, home, if it’s organised it gives an amazing feeling. And it isn’t only me!

Now that’s amazing isn’t it? But how can you be super organised? Read the post below to know how.


Stickup a huge calendar for all your family members to see and use it note down important dates.

Start a organization journal

Get a notebook and write down your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals

Also make a list for short term and long term goals

Plan your workouts a month before and track them regularly.

Create a backup plan

Maintain a to do list

Even better, create lists for everything, what goes in bag, what should be bought etc.

Create a cleaning routine

Make a list of Habits to make and break


Throw away unused toiletries

Use plastic organizers to organise your cosmetics

Get a collapsible laundry basket so that you can save some space

Use a vertical organizer to keep toilet papers if you don’t have a lot of under the sink storage

Hang wall shelves to make use of wasted space

Use a shower dispenser to get your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel

Take up an laundry lingerie bag and hang it to keep all the shower toys of kids.

Use draw dividers to organise your makeup things

Invest in a hair accessory organiser that is heat resistant.

Organise hair pins and safety pins with a magnet strip on the wall

Stick a hook to the wall and use it to organise all the hair bands.

Use a basket to keep in stock extra supplies

Instead of simply a mirror add a medicine cabinet that has mirror as it’s door. Now that’s two in one purpose.


Declutter all the drawers

Create a cord organizer and have your desk with tangle free wires

Use colored folders to do color coded organization

Make sure everything you use has a place of its own

Declutter your night table

Hang a caddy by your bed side and keep your devices in it to avoid to clutter in night table.

Make an underbed tray for kids’ toys

Put a trash can in everyroom

Donate or remove books you never read

Create a donation box and drop items to donate in it

Declutter your desk

Use a pin board or a normal board with sticky notes to keep track what you have to do. No more searching for lists

If you don’t have a lot of under the bed storage use a basket to store the pillows


Unsubscribe from unwanted emails. This is no longer a tiring task. Use and your work will be done in minutes. It’s free!

Set timers for app that distract you

Move all your CDs into a storage wallet and throw away the cases.

Clean your devices using cloth. Use brush for keyboard. Spray some surface cleaner on a cleaning cloth and wipe the devices gently.

Go to the downloads folder and delete unnecessary files. What’s unnecessary? Basically, if you haven’t used it in the past 2 to 3 months that’s unnecessary.  

Photos have emotional value. So it’s hard to delete. But they do take up storage space. Export it to a external disk or upload to a cloud.

Open your playlist and remove the songs/videos you always skip. If you have skipped it 10 times you are going to skip it the 11th time. So remove them.

Change passwords for all your accounts. Make sure each one is unique.

Use a password manager, if you already don’t use one.

Declutter your device weekly once

Minimize the number of shortcuts on your start menu or homescreen

Merge/ Delete duplicate files and folders

Have a folder system and sort new files immediately into appropriate folders.


Add a shelf in your kitchen to organise cutting boards

Hang a memo board in kitchen, that’s the place you go very often, to cook, to fetch food etc.

Organize everything into labelled neat boxes

Meal plan a week ahead

Invest in a stackable can rack

Hang a grocery bag dispenser on the wall. You can make a dispenser out of a waste box in a few minutes.

Once in a month or once in two months deep clean your whole kitchen.

Use hooks to hang pots and pans and get more space in cupboard

Declutter your fridge

Remove gadgets you haven’t used in the past 6 months.

Put a stack of trash bags in your trash can so that if you remove one bad there will be another.

Use lazy Susan in fridge so that nothing stays in the back and rots.

Create a corner for often used items, so that cooking could be more easier.

Money and document

Create a file document near the door to use as a receipt organiser.

Invest in a shred box and use them to declutter confidential documents

Clean your wallet once a week and make sure all cards are in place

Automate bill payments

Keep a separate cupboard for all the paperworks and use colourful folders to colorcode them

Have a separate folder for every paper work and file any new folder immediately.

Once in 6 month, do a deep clean of all the paper works and dispose of unwanted papers.

Scan documents that you’ll need on the go and back it up to your laptop or mobile phone.

Use a desktop organiser to keep loose papers and notepads in one place.

For often used documents and papers use a wall organiser and put them in there.

Have a read later file and go through it atleast once a month

House maintanence

Think about furnitures that lay unused and remove them

Clean your toolbox and throw away unused tools

Adjust things according to place that’ll work for you. Do you keep forgetting tablets? Place them near something you don’t forget.

Clean your home thoroughly once a month

Disinfect switches, door knobs, remote control, joysticks and other things that you use on a daily basis but don’t clean very often, at least once a week

Wash curtains and hangings twice in a month.

 Do an home audit and write down things that need to be fixed and finish them first thing.

Have a  must have always list. And check every week whether all the essentials are in stock

If possible, automate supply of necessary products so that you never land in a difficult situation.

Hang up a white board, key organiser and paper organiser near the door. Write reminders on the board and drop the documents you must take with you in the organiser.

Use this to maintain your super organised home!

Be organised out of home too!

Clear all the expired documents and papers in your car glove compartment and use folders to organize all the papers

Make a “May need” box in your car trunk. Raincoats, extra pair of clothing, paper towels, scissor, tape etc.

Schedule doctor appointments and all other appointments in advance

Carry a small notepad or install a notepad app.

Invest in a front seat car organiser so that you can do your work in your car hassle free.

Use a car trunk organiser so that you can get what you want quickly.

 Carry a glove compartment organiser with documents you may need, a notepad, a pen and anything else you may need.

Use a pill organiser so that you don’t confused in the tension.

Have waterproof diaper bags for your baby.

If you are going to pack your lunch make sure you pack them in a leakproof box.

Have a travel wallet with the passport and IDs in it

Glam ups

Schedule your hair appointments for a year altogether. This would clear up a little space in mind

Make a rod organiser for scarves

Have a makeup organiser in your bag so that you don’t have to dig it to find a single mascara

Use a jewellery tray or jewellery hanger so that nothing gets lost.

Use a rolling organiser for brushes

Which of these are you going to try to get your home and yourself super organised? Let me know in the comments below!!

A total of 30+ printables that make it possible for you to make life look like a cakewalk. isn’t that the dream? <3

2 thoughts on “The ultimate list to organise your home

  1. CristinaR

    Love all of these tips! I must say that I am the worse at cleaning, I hold onto stuff thinking I will use it in some ways after when I very rarely do, so this list will be helpful to declutter and see what needs to be done! Love the idea of organising hair pins on the magnet and having a notepad always with you and in the car x

  2. E.T.

    I would be really happy if I could ever convince myself to follow all the tips you mention. I am a really bad organizer and I have only a little time available …or I am just making excuses…
    The tips are really helpful and I will give a try to some of them.
    Thank you


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