100 things to throw away

I don’t know why I am obsessed with list posts recently. Probably the organised part of me tapping in like I said in the last post.

Also in the last post we saw 100 ways to organise things. But organising also involves decluttering. Just keeping a bunch of unwanted things in a drawer doesn’t count to organisation.

Removing all those clutter, extras, additions would honestly free up a lot of space in your home. So I found this statistics about clutter which would actually shock you (because it did shock me)

Geez… That’s way too much, isn’t it? And actually decluttering your house proves that we have a lot of unwanted things in our home. Let’s make more room in our home sweet home!!

100 things to throw away

Old paper works you don’t need to file anymore

Expired coupons

Old magazines

Furniture manuals

Unnecessary receipts

Old invitations

Free calendars you aren’t going to use

Received cards that don’t have emotional values

Old school agendas

Manuals of things you don’t have anymore

Old notebook that you won’t need

Books you aren’t going to read

Travel brochures from already finished trips

Extra photo prints

Wrapping papers that are too small

Stickers that don’t stick

Freezer bags if you always use containers

Excessive rubber bands

Cracked containers

Cookie cutters if you haven’t used them in past 2 months

Tongs that don’t meet in the middle

Rusty bake ware

Pots, pans and dishes you never use

Lunch box with broken zippers

Fancy gadgets that you don’t

Old recipe books

Extra salt and pepper shakers

Chopsticks if you don’t use them regularly

Excess glass jars

Expired food

Knives that aren’t used anymore

Takeaway menus that you don’t use

Excessive cooler bags

Festive themed plates, cups etc. Do you really want something that’s used just once a year to hold that much space?

Mugs that leak

Pans that burn your food

Cutting boards that have irremovable stains

Hangers from dry cleaner

Name cards in from old meetings that are still in your pockets

Clothes that don’t fit

Clothes you have grown tired of

Promotional outfits that are outrageously big

Excess Pyjamas

Single earrings

Excess ties

Unused caps

Underwear that’s losing it’s stretch

Novelty hats

Belts that don’t fit

That dress you thought would be pretty but isn’t. You aren’t going to wear it again so throw away.

Excess gloves, just have a pair that goes well with all your outfits and get rid of the others

Broken jewelry

Rusty jewelry

Sock that have lost it’s pair

Shoes that don’t fit

Excessive workout clothes

Stockings with runs

Clothes with irremovable stains

Damaged handbags

Extra buttons

Underwear that don’t fit well

Uncomfortable jeans

Perfume you don’t like

Anything you haven’t worn in the past one year

Empty the trashcan

Empty lotion bottles

Hairdryer attachments you never use

Unused hair curling irons

Toiletries that are old and/or expired

Dried up nail polish

Make up that you planned to use but never did

Excess tape measures and scales

Old toothbrushes, if you are up to cleaning miniature things with that, then have one, throw the others away

Bath toys that have become broken/holey (They aren’t saint like, you know)

Old toiletry bags

Games kids have outgrown

Games that miss pieces

Scrap wood

Scrap fabric

Screws, nuts, bolts and nails that you won’t use

Dried flowers

Old unused batteries

Office supplies that you won’t use anymore

Glue bottles that have dried up

Organisers you never use

Used up pens

Craft supplies that you won’t use or haven’t used for the past 6 months

Old gift bows that have developed knots

Holiday decors that aren’t used anymore

Broken festive decors

Old glasses and glass cases

Extra key chains

Scratched CD

Electronics you no longer use

Old cords

Alarm clocks, use your phone instead

Broken headphones

Broken cellphone covers

Air freshener that you don’t use

Expires medicines

What else do you think needs to be removed from the house? Tell me in the comments below!!

A total of 30+ printables that make it possible for you to make life look like a cakewalk. isn’t that the dream? <3

13 thoughts on “100 things to throw away

  1. bricuzisaidso

    By ‘throw away’ I hope you mean recycle and repurpose! Lol this is a very extensive list!! When I did a deep clean and declutter, I ended up with three piles; keep, donate, and trash to turn into treasure. Not only was it a fun project that let my creative mind wander, after doing a little research I saved a ton of money by remaking things I planned to throw out into things I could use or give to those who would be able to use them to the fullest extent… I feel like it may be a house cleaning weekend now.. hahaha very creative post!

  2. brittshedhappens

    Great tips! I know that I have a drawer full of manuals that really should be addressed… I feel like each time that we buy something new, the manual goes in there and then we never think about it again lol I guarantee that there are at least a few there that we don’t need anymore!

  3. Jaya Avendel

    Broken things definitely need to be thrown out! As for the rest, I love to donate the often extensive results of my organizing, cleaning, and decluttering to the Buy Nothing free market that just started up in my town. The community of people and crafters find such creative ways to upcycle, recycle, or give new life to something. 🙂


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