100 habits to start and change your life in 2020

It has been almost one and a half months since new year. Yes, we did take new year resolutions. We actually meant to follow them but then life came in. It all somehow messy and your resolutions faded like a solution in water. And then there are some who knew that they can’t keep up their resolutions and never took one at all.

The case can be anything. But if you really are keeping up your resolution get going. If you don’t, it’s time you took up some new and good habits to improve yourselves. Here is a big list of habits from which you can take up a few.

You always wanted to be a better version of you. You even took new year resolutions. But then they never lasted for more than month. Sounds familiar? Then this post is for you to refresh and pick up some good habits! #morning routines #life #healthy #good #tips #daily #new #in 2020

Time management

  1. Follow the 2 minute rule. If you can do it in two minutes do it now.
  2. Stop multitasking
  3. Prioritize your tasks
  4. Always have a to do list
  5. Schedule for every second of the day
  6. Plan for the next day the night before
  7. Practice time blocking
  8. Do the most important task first
  9. Take mini breaks in between tasks
  10. Have a clock or watch placed on your table while working. Don’t use phone to check time.
  11. List time wasters and eliminate
  12. Make sure to add mini breaks and larger breaks while planning
  13. Create realistic plans

Personal development

  1. Make more positive friends
  2. Listen more speak less
  3. Spend more time with your friends and family
  4. Discover your passion
  5. Meditate
  6. Get inspired
  7. Practice mindfulness
  8. Develop growth mindset
  9. Listen to podcasts
  10. Come out of the comfort zone
  11. Try something new
  12. Reflect before bed
  13. Track tasks
  14. Analyze your mistakes
  15. Take up a challenge every now and then
  16. Take up new hobbies
  17. Research before you start, always
  18. Less gossip
  19. Admit when you’re wrong
  20. Make a list of bad habits and eliminate them one by one
  21. Learn to say No
  22. Maintain a life binder
  23. Make and use a vision board
  24. Arrive at a place 15 minutes earlier than agreed

Mental health

  1. Practice gratitude
  2. Smile a lot
  3. Make it a point to make someone happy everyday
  4. Maintain a journal/diary
  5. Confront your fears
  6. Say positive affirmations daily
  7. Reframe negative thoughts into positive ones
  8. Compliment yourself
  9. Spend time with nature
  10. Stop complaining
  11. Stop caring about what others think
  12. Do good things to others without expecting anything in return, not even a thank you.
  13. Improve confidence
  14. Accept the fact that past can’t be changed and move on
  15. Travel a lot
  16. Don’t compare yourself to others


  1. Check news. Especially the news about your locality
  2. Watch informative videos on YouTube
  3. Get a Quora account. If you already have one just browse through amazing questions and astounding answers
  4. Try teaching what you know
  5. Learn a new word a day
  6. Learn new languages
  7. Play strategic games
  8. Read more books
  9. Take a class to improve your skills, online or offline

Health and fitness

  1. Make time for exercise
  2. Do a social media detox. Switch off all your devices for a few hours
  3. Invest in self care products
  4. Learn to cook. If you already know to cook, cook very often
  5. Eat more greens
  6. Know and control your food portion sizes
  7. Sleep at least 7 hours every night
  8. Try to reach the goal of 10000 steps everyday
  9. Have a balanced diet
  10. Have some me time
  11. Have a night routine
  12. Focus on food while you eat. No reading. No scrolling
  13. Stretch as soon as you get out of bed.
  14. Breathe deeply throughout the day
  15. Never skip breakfast
  16. Make sure to eat at least two fruit or vegetable serving a day
  17. Reduce fast food
  18. Do yoga
  19. Drink green tea
  20. Read food labels before buying
  21. Swap potato chips, and non healthier snacks in general, for some healthier snacks
  22. Reduce your caffeine intake
  23. Reduce sugar intake.
  24. Put your phone away 2 hours before bed
  25. Drink a lot of water. It is advisable to drink half of your body weight in ounces
  26. Aim for a healthy breakfast everyday
  27. Take the stairs instead of escalator or elevator
  28. Use bedroom exclusively for sleeping.
  29. Nap for 20 minutes in the afternoon
  30. Create a morning ritual

Money management

  1. Save for future
  2. Make detailed plans and allot for emergencies
  3. Stop overspending
  4. Have a no spend day once a month, if possible, once a week
  5. Have a budget and track your expenses
  6. Shop without credit cards. If you are used to it, reduce it gradually
  7. Make sure expenses are always lower than income

Other little habits

  1. Set productive daily goals
  2. Declutter and Organize everything
  3. Make your bed
  4. Stop scrolling through social media while at work
  5. Do something productive, like exercising or folding clothes, while watching TV
  6. Wash sheets at least once a week
  7. Plug your phone as soon as you enter home. Don’t charge it overnight
  8. Have a calendar filled with all important dates such as pay dates, due dates, meetings, birthdays etc.
  9. Take 20 minutes before bed to tidy up everything
  10. Plan meals for a whole week
  11. Keep only one tab open at a time
  12. Keep an updated survival kit
  13. Look for smart ways to work
  14. Never ever give up
  15. Work on your passion everyday
  16. Pray regularly.
  17. Put back things to where they belong once you have finished using
  18. Never have more than 5 emails in your inbox.

What are you waiting? Pick up a few of them and start developing yourself. But remember, it isn’t going to change overnight it will take time. Don’t take up too many habits at once. Develop one by one with baby steps.

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